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IPSC and Bridges Featured

IPSC and Bridges IP Site Connect (IPSC) is a vendor specific repeater feature offered by some manufacturers.

 Note that Mototrbo™ repeaters will only interconnect over the Internet with other Mototrbo™ repeaters because it is not part of the ETSI specifications and the manufacturers don’t want to interconnect their infrastructures. Motorola Solutions Mototrbo™ IPSC implementation allows up to 15 Mototrbo™ repeaters operating in DMR mode to be connected on a fully meshed IP network, with one of the repeaters (or a c-Bridge™) serving as a Master and all of the others are Peers. Any traffic originating on one of the interconnected repeaters is relayed over the IP network to each of the other repeaters. The Peers will first establish a connection with the Master and obtain the database of the other Peers along with their IP and port addresses. The more repeaters in this fully meshed IPSC network, the more IP network bandwidth required for each repeater. A single Peer connected to a Master requires 15 kbps for each time slot participating in the IPSC network, 6 kbps for link management, and 55 kbps for RDAC (Remote Diagnostics and Control) traffic; if both time slots are participating in IPSC, 91 kbps bandwidth is required; each additional Peer requires 36 kbps bandwidth. The Master requires an additional 3 kbps bandwidth for each Peer in the network. The Mototrbo™ System Planner has full details about calculating necessary bandwidth for repeater operators. To expand beyond the limits of basic IPSC network requires the utilization of a bridge to interconnect the different IPSC networks. Rayfield Communications c-Bridge™ [http://rayfield.net] is the current preference in North America. In the European market, SmartPTT [http://smartptt.com] is common. BridgeCom Systems MV-IPSC™ [http://www.bridgecomsystems.com] is also compatible with the c-Bridge™ as both are products of RavenNet. These bridges require static IP addresses and larger IP network bandwidths than individual repeaters.

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